Time Warner Cable Packages: Choose What Suits You


Time Warner Cable has two cable TV and internet packages to choose from- for those who want to avail their services while paying for lesser bills. The first package is the Double Play bundle which incorporates a Digital TV with either a Road Runner Broadband or Road Runner Broadband Turbo. As to the difference between a Road Runner Broadband and that with Turbo, the former has a speed of up to 10mbps while the latter has up to 15mbps and a WiFi network.

The customer can also choose whether the DVR service will be installed in one room only or the entire house. The Triple Play, on the other hand, bundles a Digital TV, Road Runner Broadband or Road Runner Broadband Turbo, and a Digital Phone Line which can make unlimited calls nationwide. Phone services include a voicemail while the unlimited calls can be made in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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