Choosing New Cable TV Provider


My cable TV subscription will end next month so I am looking for different Cable TV Bundles nternet Packages have several mix and match options to cater to the budget and lifestyle needs of their subscribers. The Single Play package is for those who want to avail of only one service: an internet connection, cable TV, or landline. The Double or Two Play package is subdivided into Double Pack Ultra with Whole House DVR, Double Pack Select with Whole House DVR, Double Pack Select with HD DVR, and Double Pack Select.

The differences between these choices are the internet connection speed, variety tiers, and wireless fidelity services. The Triple Play package includes three options: Triple Pack Ultra with Whole House DVR, Triple Pack Select with Whole House DVR, and Triple Pack Select with HD DVR. Cable TV has a high definition quality, and DVR can be installed in a single room or the entire house. Unlimited calls nationwide to US, Puerto Rico and Canada is included in the Triple Play bundle.

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