It’s So Hard to Decide With All the Cable TV Deals


I’ve been checking the cable TV deals recently, and I’m amazed how many there are. We’ve finally decided to get cable TV, because the children are old enough to be allowed to watch certain programs. They will still require a lot of supervision, of course, but I hope the parental controls will help me. A friend of mine, who has four children, is absolutely thrilled with these applications.

She says she gets a full report every day of what her children are watching on TV or browsing on the Internet, and she can block certain programs or sites, and even turn off the appliances completely, even from a distance. I’m really curious to see if this is true. I can’t shake the feeling that kids know more about these things than we do, and they’ll find a way to cheat. But I’m willing to try; if it doesn’t work, I’ll just cut the cable again.

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