Comcast Packages Include a Great Range of Services


I can’t believe how many things are included in these Comcast packages. I decided to go with Comcast because they had the largest number of sports programs included. The package seemed a bit expensive, but I’m willing to pay more to watch the games, so that wasn’t a concern. Since they offered bundled packages, I also got high speed Internet. I have to admit I didn’t read the fine print carefully when I signed the contract, but now I’m beginning to discover all the other things that I got for free, and I didn’t even know about.

For instance, I can program the DVR remotely, and watch whatever I recorded in any room of the house. This is great when the kids come home, and I’ve just started watching something. They start making noise and playing with the dog, and I can just turn off the TV, move to another room, and continue watching in peace

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