New Digital Cable TV Subscription


Our Digital Cable TV subscription ended last month and now mom is interested in availing Xfinity TV from Comcast.
Her friends are sharing positive feedbacks and reviews about their Xfinity TV subscriptions. Therefore, my mom is getting more and more convinced that it is the perfect subscription for us.

We in the family love to watch TV. Each of us has favourite channels. My dad loves Sports channels. He watches football, baseball, basketball and even golf during his free time. On the other hand, my younger siblings who are 8 and 10 years old both love to watch cartoon channels. Meanwhile, I together with my mom love ABC Family, HBO and Showtime. Oh speaking of Showtime, another thing that excites my mom is the fact that Xfinity TV offers Showtime channel for free for 6 months. Well, I definitely think that sealed the deal with my mom.

Anyway, we are all excited to experience Comcast Xfinity TV soon.
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