Big Fan of Movies and TV


I am a big fan of movies and TV series. I have long list of favourite TV shows that I religiously follow. Therefore, the new Xfinity Television is definitely perfect for me.

My mom recently subscribed to Comcast Xfinity TV and boy, we are all enjoying it. I particularly love the Xfinity TV app that lets me watch my favourite movies and On Demand shows from my iPad or iPhone. With this app, I can also do lots of things besides watching On Demand shows remotely through WiFi connection. I can schedule DVR remotely, I can change the channels on my TV and I am also able to search On Demand and TV listings all because of my Xfinity TV app. I just downloaded it from iTunes last night and I am totally in love with it already.

Well, Comcast Xfinity TV is by far the best thing that happened in our house this year. I am very happy that my mom chose Comcast as Cable TV provider.

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