What Is With Bundled Cable TV Package Deals?


Our family’s cable TV provider has been actively promoting their bundled cable TV package deals lately. I couldn’t understand what the whole fuss was all about until they gave us free trials of several cable TV channels that we could include in the package. Apparently, we had what they called the “”basic”” package, meaning we basically had the most boring channels known to mankind, because they were all pretty basic. After allowing us to access the Lifestyle channel and several movie channels and sports channels, they pulled out access, which bummed at least one member of the household who already got hooked to a particular show or channel. My dad, especially, wasn’t happy about losing access to a basketball TV channel (I, for one, didn’t mind losing that channel at all). We asked our cable provider how we could get the channels we wanted back and received a sales talk on paying for a bundled cable TV package deal. Yeah, yeah… just more ways for them to earn money.

To retain or attract consumers, cable TV providers continue to introduce new and attractive cable television bundles. Some bundles come with an internet broadband plan, while the rest offer other equally attractive packages. However, only one bundle suits your needs, so selecting wisely is a must.
How can you choose the best cable television bundle for your family? Here are some practical and easy-to-do suggestions.

First, log in to the internet and shortlist at least three local providers offering attractive bundles. Second, you should make a comparison chart. Make sure that this chart includes all your selection criteria. Some of the criteria that you can include are the following: rates or price, internet speed if internet is included in the bundle, and payment plan. Third, check out testimonials and comments of previous and existing consumers. Go through each one of these comments to make sure that the feedback is generally positive.

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