How Do You Know When You Found the Best Cable TV Providers?


There are so many options available today, that the search for the best cable TV providers seems to be a never-ending quest. Just when I find a package that suits my needs, another, cheaper one comes along. I have narrowed my search based on the channels I have to watch at first, but that didn’t help me much. In fact, except for a couple of news programs and the History Channel, I don’t really have any favorites.

I may watch one or two cooking shows, but I’m always open to suggestions in this area, and willing to try new programs, since I haven’t found any favorites yet. So, it seems the price will be the biggest factor in making a decision after all. But it’s rather difficult to calculate, especially since these new packages were introduced, that also include Internet and phone lines. I have to make a decision soon, or else I’ll spend another month without cable TV.

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