The Evolution of Cable TV


In older days, people would watch television shows with very limited channels. These channels were dependent on antennas that were attached on top of their roofs. However, those from far-flung and mountainous areas had extreme difficulty in getting these channels.

Cable TV has provided today’s television viewers not only with clear receptions but a wide array of channels to choose from. It has even allowed us to see live shows from other countries via satellite. Several cable television companies now exist all over the world, with over fifty different channels to choose from and with additional options for the customers. Time Warner Cable is among the leading cable service providers, with bundle offers that will suit the customer’s needs. The Two Play Bundles give the clients a choice of a digital TV plus any of the following: Road Runner Broadband or Road Runner Broadband Turbo. Triple Play Bundles include two options alongside a digital TV and digital phone unlimited nationwide.

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